Touring Arak on Justin’s chopper – Part 2

To recap,  found this abandoned bike on the beach:

Well it looked abandoned to me

Well it looked abandoned to me

And so far Justin has not come forward to claim said bike. I did try leaving a message with Falrogh but he did seem a little tipsy at the time so I also left a notice with the Explorers league. Ok so they may have made it into a paper aeroplane…but I did try!

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Tiptoeing into Spires of Arak

Back to the flag waving, now I have that off my chest. With Beta at my fingertips and a premade level 100 to do my bidding I can at least go off in search of adventure right?
I can sign up for dungeons, I can try out healing, tanking, dps on any class I want, and use any race …. a ‘gamers paradise’.

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Dipping my toe into Beta

Firstly I should say that I am aware that if I grumble about a change for the expansion, then I know that if it is something that annoys me, there are probably many others that love the idea. I am aware I am slow to accept change if forced upon me. So let’s get this out of the way with a visual…

Glowing crate1


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Gnomes in boxes & Elves in socksies

Where to start with the beta *ponders*

Change:  for some it brings excitement, for others it brings misery. For myself I tend to waver somewhere in between.  Don’t get me wrong I love that the game is pressing forward and changing things to keep things fresh and appealing for both the player and those working for Blizzard. However I still can’t entirely shake off all the things that I have grown used to, and I think that is a good thing otherwise I wouldn’t be able to say after ten years , I still love this game. And I do…yes still.

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