A noob in Ashran

So I should just point this out first – I hate PVP!


It was always there bringing changes to my comfy PVE world.

“Oh you want this to help you whilst out solo? .. No sorry it makes it unfair on the PVP kids … aaargh

Add to that that I am actually bad at PVP style fighting and that I get annoyed by the idiots in the chat. Often spending most of my time replying to those that seem to think calling people retards will somehow make them magically play better…

But on Friday I decided to give Ashran a second chance. Not on my priest because last time I went in I ended up without a team and just healing random people or being a shadow priest and frankly being dead mostly since apparently this means I am a top rogue target.

Instead then I convinced Estella that as a protection paladin it was actually her duty to protect us from the scourge of the Horde.

Awaiting death with open arms

Awaiting death with open arms

On Friday, Estella joined the Ashran queue and made her way forth to see what her orders would be. And consequently found her orders to uncover all the areas on the map and collect a few things, kill some mobs – So yes she thought, I can do this!

She was happy enough trapsing around solo killing mobs and feeling like she was helping with objectives at least, and managed to get the introductory quests completed. She even helped kill a rare and looted a libram complete with flashy achievement.

I love those pingy noises

I love those pingy noises

So she was happy for a while and then she joined in with the squabbles on the crossroads and got to help kill some hordes or at least be a target to keep them busy for a while. It was then she got invited into a raid and got ported to a different server.
After catching up with the biggest clump of people found at Emberfall tower, Estella soon learnt not to try and save people from the Gladiator horde being pulled from the bridge and settled for helping to keep the guards off the squishy type folk.
Then we gained a flag and heard a call to rush the horde base.

“Don’t fight on the bridge!” They said…

Yet most remained on the bridge, Estella ran in with a handful of others and very quickly died. Got up ran back and grabbed a rare amongst the npcs and amazingly saw


ping across the screen and it felt good. She received a purple looking box in her bag .. but was still tanking mobs and her team had scarpered. Then the horde army appeared and she was flattened in the blink of an eye.

Maybe they had just not realised she was still there fighting mobs they had pulled she thought, a team doesn’t leave people behind ..do they?

Ah yes it’s PVP of course they do! .. But this team had earned her a victory so Estella rejoined them at the crossroads to carry on fighting the good battle.

And then this happened…


And it happened .. again
and again
and again..

The Alliance team had scattered and the Horde seemed to be sending in a scout to find us and then a stampede would occur. There was no coming back from it, the raid was either half there or half fed up of dying so Estella gave up the gauntlet for the night refusing to be a continual kill point for someone.

So instead she stayed awake most of the night.


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