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Invasions are just too awesome-don’t miss out!

I’m sure by now most of the Warcraft community are back online and finding out all the secrets and feels that came along with the pre-expansion patch. Fear not, if you are awaiting a non digital copy and somehow managed to avoid spoilers so far then I’m not going to ruin them for you. However I just really wanted to make a post to say how great it’s been to feel the love for Warcraft being rekindled.

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A noob in Ashran

So I should just point this out first – I hate PVP!


It was always there bringing changes to my comfy PVE world.

“Oh you want this to help you whilst out solo? .. No sorry it makes it unfair on the PVP kids … aaargh

Add to that that I am actually bad at PVP style fighting and that I get annoyed by the idiots in the chat. Often spending most of my time replying to those that seem to think calling people retards will somehow make them magically play better…

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When the server is down the goblins are at play.

There we were all set up for a full day playing WoW.

It had been a while if I’m honest. The constant churn of garrison chores (which I know I need to ignore on alts if I am to survive this expansion) were still proving to be an obstacle to actually playing for me. So it was set, a day where I would log on, finally get through the next legendary quest part, guild group or no! – And I don’t take pugging lightly.

All stocked up with drinks n snacks and then it appears…


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