Blizzard Q&A and Awaiting Lords of War part 2

So it appears the main thing to come out of the Q&A today is that Blizzard online shop will need to stock in with a hell of a lot of Murloc mugs. Great product placement 😀

Was nice to see Alternative Chat get a question in for the Devs to answer with some info on how new players to WoW could go about starting to play.

For me personally and maybe for many others the news that the next legendary quest will not involve PVP again is great news. Don’t get me wrong I think that the choice to do PVP is a good thing however I don’t want to be forced into it for a PVE item. The way the last one was set up just caused annoyance for both PVE and PVP players alike: it just forced wrongly geared, reluctant PVE’ers into PVP matches that were avoided by PVP’ers due to that reason.
So hoorah for legendary quest lines which do not involve PVP and more importantly, one which you can start at level 98 so it gives people more time to catch up 🙂

Bits I gleamed from Q & A = Garrisons are coming!

You will be able to view and enter your party leaders garrison by right clicking on the party portrait and selecting enter. I knew this from the Beta and that you could help fight the attacks against said garrison.  But what I didn’t realise was that I could use an auction house that my friend might build on their garrison: that’s pretty cool.

The choices you make on your garrisons will not be permanent and you will be able to change things later on. Which means you do not have to worry about making bad choices & you can always tear down a building and rebuild something more appropriate to your changing needs.

One of the questions by fauzyjo was in relation to having more cinematics in the expansion and we were told that there are some but more at pivotal points in storyline.
I am kinda glad at this as I love the cinematics however sometimes an overload can be too many – Uldum anyone?

I am kind of hoping that all the cinematics for the expansion will be in places that I can see them solo and in my own time because there is nothing worse than being in a team and feeling that players are waiting for you and you can hear the beep beep of the text whilst you want to just enjoy the cinematic.

Also I joined the twitch stream pretty early as I was really excited to see the new Lords of War episode as advertised by Warcraft’s twitter feed.

Imagine my disappointment and confusion that there was nothing being shown after the Q&A ..and I was not the only person either.

So it appears that I have been actually sitting awaiting something all day for I could have found online two days ago if I had just looked instead of blindly following twitter news *grumbles*

So here is part 2 of the much awaited by me Lords of War:


Blizzard Q&A

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