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Keep calm and garrison on

In honour of the Lunar year I decided to update my transmog to fit with the theme and revisit the Shrine and the Valley, if only to force myself out of the garrison.


It appears that in my absence Yoon has quite forgotten me and my poor farm was looking a bit worse for wear. I guess this is what happens when you leave a drunk in charge! Jogu was found slumped in the lake and poor Shaggy was looking a bit of a matted state.
I’ll admit that it was nice to have a fly around again to stretch my dragon’s wings but this was a land that awarded you Easter eggs with flight unlike Draenor which would just be dwarfed with the use of it. And unlike the many in the flying camp, in the land of garrisons I really don’t miss it.

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Tiptoeing into Spires of Arak

Back to the flag waving, now I have that off my chest. With Beta at my fingertips and a premade level 100 to do my bidding I can at least go off in search of adventure right?
I can sign up for dungeons, I can try out healing, tanking, dps on any class I want, and use any race …. a ‘gamers paradise’.

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Dipping my toe into Beta

Firstly I should say that I am aware that if I grumble about a change for the expansion, then I know that if it is something that annoys me, there are probably many others that love the idea. I am aware I am slow to accept change if forced upon me. So let’s get this out of the way with a visual…

Glowing crate1


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