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Touring Arak on Justin’s chopper – Part 2

To recap,  found this abandoned bike on the beach:

Well it looked abandoned to me

Well it looked abandoned to me

And so far Justin has not come forward to claim said bike. I did try leaving a message with Falrogh but he did seem a little tipsy at the time so I also left a notice with the Explorers league. Ok so they may have made it into a paper aeroplane…but I did try!

Ok so what did I find?

Firstly  I found Shrooms! .. And not just any mushrooms but under water ones. Huge sets of mushrooms under the sea.

‘Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter’

And then there were the disco shrooms:


Or is it a UFO?

And the glowing shrooms amongst the glowing quest items (which I didn’t have a quest for)


That glowing outlined lump was not lootable tut

Ok enough shrooms, but I felt they needed a mention somewhere as someone has put some effort into them.

After taking the bike for a ride along the beach I found the remains of a Goblin car crash:

One very Hotrod

One very Hotrod

And upon further investigation I also found a little goblin camp not far away. Outside the house I found somewhere to repair, not as cute as Jeeves though eh.

The original Jeeves

The owner of this hut also shared the same love of bananas to adorn the walls. Is this a thing? do all Goblins love bananas? Hmmm

Ba na na ba na na na


And yet another cutesy crafted lamp, however the choice of artwork is slightly different in taste hehe


Goblin pin-up

The Goblin that lived here also had his very own fighter planes, albeit a scared looking one.


Fighter planes are not all fearless

People really do seem to discard their vehicles easy these days, I found this little buggy along the beach strip


Beach buggy

Love the artwork on it though, reminded me of the shark from the Brawlers Guild


Shark with frikkin lazer beams

Found even more goblin carts and supplies..


but apparently this one was not to be tampered with. As I found out after being jumped by this rare Goblin.


A rocket that seems really happy to shoot you in the face!

I was surprised but not as surprised as mining for some ore and having this thing pop out and try and eat me!

Treasure Boglin o.O

Treasure Boglin o.O

After killing him though he did at least leave me some nice extra loot in his pockets so I look forward to meeting a few more of these in the expansion.