Chugga Chugga

Well after recovering from the excitement of the Lords of War… er, I mean the cinematic trailer, yes.

After I had watched both again for good measure. I moved onto thinking about the clips for the new expansion and what we have in store for us.

Firstly I have to point out  – How cool does the Grimrail Depot look!!


A dungeon, where you will actually be fighting  on a moving train! <excited>

I am not one to usually watch the dungeon videos before I have seen them, as traditionally I like to keep the surprise element. For this one however I could not help myself and gave in to watching the Fat boss guys video for it. And wow, the scenery and setting: I can’t wait. Even if I am a little (ok a lot) worried that I will be the one falling off the sides  in our groups.

If you do want a spoiler then take a look at the video here:

 Fatboss: Grimrail Depot guide

*be warned as the voice over doesn’t include a profanity filter*

Also Blizzard have now updated the characters page to include Kargath Bladefist. Have i mentioned how much I loved Lords of War yet? 😉

Kargath info

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