Dipping my toe into Beta

Firstly I should say that I am aware that if I grumble about a change for the expansion, then I know that if it is something that annoys me, there are probably many others that love the idea. I am aware I am slow to accept change if forced upon me. So let’s get this out of the way with a visual…

Glowing crate1


This is my annoyance. i know it is an insignificant thing to many. I am aware that it will help a lot of people and some quests previous I would have been so thankful for this. However my irk isn’t really just about how out of place this makes things appear to me, it’s about choice, and the choice to turn it off if i want to. But you can turn if off you say. There is  an option you noob…. Let me present the choice (which might well change during/after beta, and I hope it does)


Choice 1 – None


Choice 2 Mouseover


Choice 3 Mouseover & target

Spot the difference between choice 1 & 2? … When you mouseover the mob it will glow red and fade out but otherwise it is the same as the “none” choice. I think it might be because I am not a “gamer”, so WOW becomes really the only game I enjoy playing as a constant and therefore has set my preferences in stone…so to be honest it is Blizzards fault really 😉 I just cant help it…the glowing figures just make me feel a bit meh


Mouse over target on NPC

If you are going to give me the choice of none then I really would just like no outlines. I am one of those weird people that actually enjoys the levelling process. I’m a lesser spotted questreader and I don’t care! I appreciate that people go to the trouble of writing out interesting quest lines and I do read the quests and on the expansions I tend to grab the quest then go away from the mammoth on the quest giver (and this time it will be tents) and read it in my own time. Only this is not going to work for me with the current setup. This is my screen after accepting a quest:

Oh I wonder who I need to talk to

Oh I wonder who I need to talk to

Yet again I shall state that I am fully aware how insignificant this gripe is. And as my ‘logical’ SO (and so) pointed out: there is already speech bubbles, cogs and sparkles all over the place, and I have accepted those. However for some personal reason I still can’t deal with the outlines. Maybe I was scared for life by some traumatic experience with breakfast cereal: Glowing scary people Another point I think is that I kind of feel bad for the designers to create this great figure/object and then someone else goes around with a jumbo crayon and ruins it for them.

I wonder where to find the orbs..

I wonder where to find the orbs..

As a result of this in the Beta testing I didn’t have to read one quest at all, I just ran around clicking on everything that glowed. And sometimes there were things glowing that i couldn’t click on, maybe for a future quest. It might be a bug but it meant that there were a lot of screenshots that I didn’t take due to outlines. In fact reading the quest sometimes actually makes it more confusing. The quest to mark up trees fro instance: the trees are unmarkable but there are ghost flags in the ground dotted around.

Oh, you wanted me to plant a flag not mark the tree

Oh, you wanted me to plant a flag not mark the tree

So yer that’s my grumble done. I know it won’t affect many other people: in fact there are many that  will applaud this click & go style, and more that probably need it. However it is not that the glow is there that is my issue, it is that I can’t turn the darn thing off. So please Blizzard, unless it really is some difficult ‘built in’ issue please allow me the choice to waste my own time searching for items.

I wonder where i can find an orc weapon, hmmm

I wonder where i can find an orc weapon

I do have a theory behind my personal adversity to the glowing.

Stuff of nightmares for a three year old

Stuff of nightmares for a three year old

Going to sleep with a ‘friendly’ globug in the room as a child might not have helped the situation o.O

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