Just another conventional pre 6.2 day

So there has been a lot of time for me to question my current style playing since World of Garrisoncraft came about.


And this pretty much the truth of it..

I am fully aware that I play less now than I ever have done, and whilst I have had some real life issues change I also know that this is not the reason for my low activity levels. It is however my waning enthusiasm for a game I love which has altered the way in which I view it. As I have said before, I am fully aware that Blizzard does not force me to play a particular way and the path I choose in game is my own. However it cannot be denied that the way in which the game is presented will directly impact upon playstyle.

In the same way that the way that a plate of food looks will drastically alter our desire to eat it.

Yes I'll have a ..... oh

Yes I’ll have a ….. oh

Of course we know you will still eat them, because you know it’s still cake…but there is still that nagging feeling of disappointment and you are not in such a rush to reach the table. That is kind of how I feel about my beloved game at the moment.

And this is what the last logged in day looked like..

I logged in on my priest who has the best geared followers but since my raid role changed she has become a bit neglected gear wise but she likes to potter about a bit.

So after 50 mins playing she had:
Turned over garrison missions

Got a new treasure seeking follower from the inn and deactivated another 675 one whilst it levelled
Collected herbs for another character to use whilst teling off Fiona for ninja herbing!

What a tea leaf!

What a tea leaf!

Mined so she could keep up engineering orders (just incase the cogs are needed)

Opened her 6 salvage crates (with a run to the postbox inbetween due to crammed bags…yes still)
Completed work orders for bunker and cashed in my iron scraps with the annoyance of having to accept the quest and then catch her again and select my reward *sigh*
Went to Stormwind to have a hair style change

Does this make my face look fat?

Does this make my face look fat?

Collected up enough eggs to get 3 types of bunny ears and then be annoyed at not being able to transmog aargh
Considered asking for the Harrison Jones quest but after failing the last two times and killing 3 followers and her squishy self whilst being attacked by Frostfire rares she decided against it.

Not sure if Delvar embarrassed by my ears or his death whilst questing

Not sure if Delvar embarrassed by my ears or his death whilst questing

Then for my Paladin = 65 mins

Turned over garrison missions
All work orders
Carried out mining and herbing
Got annoyed with new followers standing in her way and took them to task!

I walk, you move mkay!

I walk, you move mkay!

Actually went to do the Harrison Jones quest that Gwendlyn was too scared to do and had no problems with the continuous bird spawn mobs

Had to be careful though as had to use an unseemly non paladin mount to walk across the water and save time ugh

Looking to make sure nobody sees her

Looking to make sure nobody sees her

Cashed in Iron scraps daily and again had to question why I had to clear a quest and go through 2 actions just to make one trade again


My other alts had a quick spin of either missions/mats collection or work orders/daily craft cool down dependent on what they needed:

Shammy – 33mins
Warrior – 12 mins
Mage- 5 mins
Druid – 14mins
Druid2 – 8mins

So in total my time spent online was 187 mins – That’s over 3 hours just for pottering about with no actual substance and not really any interaction other than chatting a bit with guildies.

I know I don’t have to go on different alts…I know I don’t have to use a garrison … I know I don’t have to get resources.

But it is there so this is the way this alt addict uses most of her time now in Warcraft ><

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