Keep calm and garrison on

In honour of the Lunar year I decided to update my transmog to fit with the theme and revisit the Shrine and the Valley, if only to force myself out of the garrison.


It appears that in my absence Yoon has quite forgotten me and my poor farm was looking a bit worse for wear. I guess this is what happens when you leave a drunk in charge! Jogu was found slumped in the lake and poor Shaggy was looking a bit of a matted state.
I’ll admit that it was nice to have a fly around again to stretch my dragon’s wings but this was a land that awarded you Easter eggs with flight unlike Draenor which would just be dwarfed with the use of it. And unlike the many in the flying camp, in the land of garrisons I really don’t miss it.

I think what I do miss is just the relaxation of the flying which sounds kind of lame I know, but when I consider how much time I wasted just flying in circles whilst chatting to people, I have to admit that maybe it equals the time I waste now inside a fortress except the social aspect is missing.

I guess the difference is the feel of things. Whilst flying around gave the appearance of freedom, in actual fact I was getting no further in game than I do now whilst walking in circles around a garrison. And the garrison at least rewards me with something for the time used up.

So why then does the feeling of freedom with no reward suit me better than the closed walls where I can gain new riches.
If you are still reading after my random babble then you might be indeed agreeing. The garrisons are a good thing however they do require you to be quite proactive to get out otherwise they can act as a cocoon against the social world.

None shall pass!

None shall pass!

After talking with guildies (and I mean a few hours debating things) we seemed to have come to the conclusion that whatever Blizzard do they will upset someone. People will cry if things are deemed to easy, and others if things are too hard. People complain about dailies and locked in quest lines but now we find ourselves on the other side of the coin where there are things to do, but we just don’t actually do them.

There is the apexis daily that doesn’t really draw a crowd when offered out as the items are not great for all classes and specs.
The dungeons are not really needed lootwise and the extra resources mostly not needed
The LFR is nice and fast now but it does involve a long queue as a dps, the joy of pugs is not for me and the rewards not really lure enough since my followers can get better
There are achievements to do but they are usually end of expansion things to do .
PVP – Well is PVP and also involves long queues
Pet battling – Not for all and also means moving around worlds to gain old pets/levels etc
And there are many many more things to do, it’s almost like we now have so much choice that we do nothing., like deers caught in the headlights.

Exactly this!

Exactly this!

So we came to the conclusion that things that would serve us better (or was this just me) if there was actually a little bit of structure still. Something leading you somewhere or offering you something extra. We talked about crafting being devalued and the fact we were actually missing daily quests, and valor points. Even rep gains without just having to grind in places that were not obvious. It was pointed out that this expansion we are actually turning to the internet for answers in order to find things rather than them being tied in along the way.

What was nice to see though that reading through Elvine’s blog today seemed to show that change is on the way and that issues we brought up in conversation were already starting to be addressed.
So now I am looking forward to the new garrison visitors and quests due and some extra use for the crafting daily cooldowns which I had started to ignore along with the mines.

Hoorah for patch 6.1 due!


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