Love is in the Garrison?

Happy New Lunar Year \o/

It’s time to get those fireworks out and give the pretty dresses an outing once again whilst we pay tribute to the Elders…..What do you mean you have the achievement and don’t want to leave your Garrison?

Well Xingli is happy to be out of the garrison

Well Xingli is happy to be out of the garrison

So after my Virtual Hermits post I have made efforts to get out of the garrison, at least in the sense of trying to be more engaged with the people I missed online.

It was suggested by Navimie that doing old achievements might be a good thing to unite the Garrison guildies and although we shall get around to them at some point it was decided instead that we try out a new one. So we followed suit from Navimie and found some’ Love in the Air’

So there we were all ready for our ‘They Really Love Me! achievement. The day time was spent with people grinding charms for tokens which we could at least share with other guildies that had less time. There were of course some grumbles about the charm bracelets not stacking which I can’t blame them since it would have been a lot easier and less time consuming than trading in singular form.
But we managed to get 8 willing participants and one begrudging one to help out, so you could say it got a whole group out of their garrisons. Well in actual fact it was out of theirs and into mine…but ‘details’

The achievement itself was possibly the most demanding of organisational skills and simultaneously the most boring process for an achievement so far. However we did manage to get everyone the achievement (except the one who chose rather to have the 10 mins instead) and I was thoroughly impressed and proud of the way everyone worked together for the military operation. Truth be told it went smoother than most of our raids and much faster than many other groups I heard about so maybe I can petition Blizz for the offer of a toy per raid for perfect boss execution in future *grins*

But that person was not even casting - cheat!

But that person was not even casting – cheat!

Hopefully by next year the animation will be fixed for those mad enough to still want the achievement as that really made things more awkward as you could not see who was actually casting.

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