Not so Noble garden

So there was all the fun of Noble garden!


Hang on there a moment …

That screenshot looked a bit old you say?

What about this one, I got my bunny ears and decided to buy some cheese..


Yer ok that was also a shot from time gone by…anyone remember when you could actually buy a wine glass that was an off hand? It made a great secret Santa gift!

So yes these are old images, in fact six years ago now which is a hell of a long time ago but it was fun being a bunny…gaining experiences.

Bunnys can win bike races .. but they cannot heal oops

Bunnies can win bike races .. but they cannot heal oops

Making friends whilst out in the world..

Ummm over friendly bunnies

Ummm over friendly bunnies

And using prizes to amuse your guildies..

I feel pretty...oh so pretty..

I feel pretty…oh so pretty..

So that was then,
Don’t get me wrong I really like the world events and I enjoy joining in and collecting the achievements and the new items added.

However when I asked my guildies what was new this year, I got told.

“There is a new pet….and it’s the ugliest thing ever!”

I kind of just thought this was about our Taimay just being a bit of a pet snob so I went off anyhow to collect my eggs.

Then I saw she wasn’t really wrong.

Well it's very bright..

Well it’s very bright..

It is almost as if they kind of thought oh I suppose we should put in something new, and well people like pets don’t they..

And it er floats

And it er floats

But then maybe they didn’t have time to design one so they got the apprentice kid in to do it.

I might be wrong, it might well have been lovingly prepared and looks exactly wonderful to some, it might be a preference thing, however I know that it won’t be going on my favourite list.

What I would have liked to see though would be a new achievement. I think I completed all of mine in 2009 and it would just be nice to be able to join in again and have that satisfying little ping of an achievement across the screen.

The eggs were a nice addition and had I had realised earlier then I would have tried to organise something for guild but maybe next year eh. I have bought a couple just to answer some questions such as do they disappear afterwards and can you safely put them in your garrison without them bugging out and going missing etc..



My other annoyance was that I noticed they had added +2 armour to the bunny ears and I stupidly thought that with it being a stat then it would mean a transmog would be allowed.. But nooooo

Pouting bunnygirl

Pouting bunnygirl

I get that They don’t want lot of people running around too out of character but lets be honest there are far more stupid looking masks that I could mog to and not many good ones which leaves me with either goggles or a halo or not showing a helm *sigh*

See this is why I like Heros of the Storm … if I want to look like an idiot then I bloody well can!

It also helps to annoy 'serious' players hehe

It also helps to annoy ‘serious’ players hehe

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