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Invasions are just too awesome-don’t miss out!

I’m sure by now most of the Warcraft community are back online and finding out all the secrets and feels that came along with the pre-expansion patch. Fear not, if you are awaiting a non digital copy and somehow managed to avoid spoilers so far then I’m not going to ruin them for you. However I just really wanted to make a post to say how great it’s been to feel the love for Warcraft being rekindled.

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Tribute for a fallen friend

We have all met that guy at some point in our life. The one that seems so nice all the time, and to everybody. The guy that nobody could find a bad word to say about, the one who is friends with everyone.

You may indeed have one in your guild right now. He is the guy that says hello and goodnight each day. The one that always offers to help you achieve a goal even though he will have no gain from doing so. He is the guy that can jump between inner circles of different groups of people, the link between the masses and the glue which holds them together. One who is always positive no matter how many times you make mistakes.

For many of us, that guy was Xent.


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