Tiptoeing into Spires of Arak

Back to the flag waving, now I have that off my chest. With Beta at my fingertips and a premade level 100 to do my bidding I can at least go off in search of adventure right?
I can sign up for dungeons, I can try out healing, tanking, dps on any class I want, and use any race …. a ‘gamers paradise’.

And what do I want to do? 


Whilst everyone else is fighting over resources and tagging all the mobs whilst trying not to die because of selfishness or ego (or both), I like to get out of the rat race. Also those quests where you have to use vehicles or items: great in normal situations but not so good at the start of expansions. Anyone remember being in this situation?

A swarm of Alliance

A swarm of Alliance

All this I prefer to shy away from at the beginning and come back to it once the title chasers and fair weather wowers are off the starting blocks.
Nope for me I prefer to go out exploring and check out the scenery. I love finding the little things  that have been put in the game that sometimes people miss out on. Like the skeletons in Jade Forest on a mountain with their teacups, the turtles in Dalaran sewers, or the painting in Thunderbrew Distillery.

One of Vanessa Vancleef's old secrets?

One of Vanessa Vancleef’s old secrets?

So I put on my hat, packed my bag of Stormwind brie & Moonberry juice and got on my gryphon to fly to the Spires of Arak…


Oh, ok. I loaned the gryphon

Ok I mean, I asked the nice dungeon guy in Stormwind (for the beta) to port me to a new adventure in Skyreach and then begged to to get out the instance before I died. Then I decided to take a look around Spires of Arak and found a Goblin site. Being extremely careful not to accidently right click (and therefore attack) the level 100 security guards: and yes I am that clumsy.

Though I do not actually have horde characters that I play, I have to say that I really love the Goblin characters. I did do the start up quests when they were introduced and they are pretty awesome (try poking one continually just to hear the annoyed replies). But anyhow, I had a little engineer’s drool over the car and trikes before going into the inn.

Goblinbike Goblincar

Although, I kind of wondered what I had walked in on..

All what in her hair o.O

All what in her hair o.O

Nice to know they still have time for arts & crafts though..

Picture lamp1

And the thing that made me giggle most:

Yes, its an actual windsock

Yes, its an actual windsock

After leaving the Goblins to, well whatever it is Goblins do, I had to do a double take due to an Ent. I had assumed it was a mob, but no. I will guess it might all become clear once I start doing quests however he did seem to have some lumberjacks and a peon dead at his feet (by this point I was wondering how many hobbits went off with the ent and comparing notes). Oddly they were only level 5 corpses though… <brain ticks>

Ent peons


The second camp I found (well the 3rd if you count the one that chased me away and made me get PVP cooties ugh), was an Alliance base, where I found some higher level lumberjacks.

Lumberjack with impressive tools

Lumberjack with impressive tools

In the camp I found a few interesting looking people, that I guess might play out some role in questing. And I do not know who Gareth the dwarf is but I am getting engineer envy of his robo bear. Do you think he will trade for a mechanical squirrel?


Gareth his robotic bear

And then there was the Gnome squad consisting of: Steampunk General, Farmer Gnome & Giant Gnome (looking suspiciously like the gnome I followed into Karasang wilds a fair while ago). (please note these may not be the real names).


And of course you cannot have a group of gnomes without having an Egbert and a Murky. *Note to Darkcutter, look how this Egbert doesn’t run off to pull the bosses, your one needs training!

I also found this little beauty left all alone, and still running! What a waste of fuel, tut.


Oh dear Justin…

And it was still there with the keys left in when I went back to … er …check it was ok during the night

Well it looked abandoned to me

Looking after Justin’s chopper

Well if you are going to leave your toys just lying about Justin!

*Rides off into moonlight*


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