Tribute for a fallen friend

We have all met that guy at some point in our life. The one that seems so nice all the time, and to everybody. The guy that nobody could find a bad word to say about, the one who is friends with everyone.

You may indeed have one in your guild right now. He is the guy that says hello and goodnight each day. The one that always offers to help you achieve a goal even though he will have no gain from doing so. He is the guy that can jump between inner circles of different groups of people, the link between the masses and the glue which holds them together. One who is always positive no matter how many times you make mistakes.

For many of us, that guy was Xent.


A member of our guild who everyone loved instantly and one who we lost too early in life.

So for today’s post I felt it only fitting to try and dig out some old screenshots and take some time to think about good memories of a good man.

Well I did at least try and find a screenshot, but there is one small problem. Our Xent was a lesser spotted shadow priest. Let me show you what I mean:

Where's Xenty?

Where’s Xenty?

I should probably explain for those not in the know that Xent was a dwarf priest which means he also did not have height on his side


He was there, but he stayed in the shadows. I guess the good ones always do, helping from behind the scenes.


Xent was a guy who was always up for guild achievements and old skool runs, or pretty much anything that was put up as a guild event


He was the person I would confide in before raid times if I thought there were going to be problems and he would always reassure me that everything would be fine and offer sage like advice


And no matter how many times we would wipe on a fight he was always the best cheerleader that would say it’s ok we can do this!


He was always willing to volunteer for the ‘jobs’ in boss fights, I’m guessing he would be chuckling now as he has passed that mantle down to his best friend Martha


Even the preraid pics have him in shadow form, true to his chosen spec


I even found myself thinking I’m sure Xent should be in this screenshot. I remember him enjoying a waltz with the Lich king


Ah I knew it!

Ah there he is!!

Ah there he is!!

I did have a small break through though as I remembered one of our guild meetings/fancy dress where I know he wore a dress.

Hmmm no dwarf?

Hmmm no dwarf?

And then it dawned on me that his warrior Nakor was human doh ..


So we have it! A non shadowed picture of Xent in all his happy dancing glory 🙂

Smooth mover

Smooth mover

I had always hoped that Blizzard might introduce some way of honouring players that are remembered,and maybe with our own garrrison plots we might get that one day however for now we can only pay tribute in our own ways.


If anyone has anymore screenshots of Xent/Nakor then it would be nice to see them posted too. I know he wouldn’t want us to be sad now since he was the eternal optimist. And for anyone who was ever on teamspeak or knew Xent they would know he had the biggest heart and the most wonderful ‘Sid James’ syle laugh that you would never forget him, and any time you did think of him then you can’t help but smile.

I was going to pin up the Rossetti poem however in this instance I feel this is more apt.

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