Virtual hermits

Welcome to Warlords of Draenor or alternatively the expansion of the Garrison!

Enter at your own peril...

Enter at your own peril…

Now don’t get me wrong, I do love the garrisons, I think it is really great that we have our own little place that we can get resources and gain gear from sending off minions to do our work…I mean who doesn’t love a minion? Especially when you can have an ogre in his pants doing your bidding for you *grins*

And I was sooo looking forward to this expansion, I wanted to savour the new quests, explore all the new places and connect up the story lines between this world and the next. Everything was so fresh and exciting at the start, but now I find myself in a slump: though it appears that I am not alone here.

I don’t know about you, but I know that my wow playing style has changed dramatically with this expansion and whilst I know it is of my own choosing, I can’t help feel a little disappointed.
The beginning – For me the start of the expansion was pretty much broken, everything I tried to do came back with a reject stamp on it. The garrisons were a no go area and although I tried to stay away the storyline was so closely linked in that I just felt a bit left on the shelf, in the dark.
I know that it was a bit hit and miss that people had problems and I always accept that things will be bumpy at the start however my main kind of got stuck scrabbling around a no go area but trying to piece the quest line together as I didn’t want to miss anything.

By the time I was able to get out of the first zone I was level 95 and I had still missed some things out. Apparently there are garrison quests which she has never seen, and invasions that other people invite me to in their garrisons. Whereas I was just taking Pepe on tours mostly.

Daily run

Daily run

The shadow priest for me also felt a bit less fun, I couldn’t really use halo whilst levelling for fear of death by talbuk gangs and mind seer just seemed like a waste of a button press. So she is now sitting in a garrison steadily stocking up the bins with 615 follower upgrades whilst allowing her minions to find gear for her.

This sounds like I am a bit down on the expansion I know, but I honestly do think it’s a great expansion.
The starting quests were fantastic, I now have a bit of a crush on Khadghar and I love the cut scenes and intro’s to the warlords. However on the 5th go I find myself rushing through and thinking, but this is my alt which levels via gathering/ (although the gathering skill seems a bit redundant this time around) dungeoning/pet battling – Yes I try and change things around a bit rather than just level fast.

It's just, a little crush..

It’s just, a little crush..

And you do level extremely fast, I have one alt that is now levelling in a garrison, however it appears that I now lack the motivation to leave my cocoons. I have noticed that I am seeming to treat wow like a ‘farmville’ type game now (and I never even played that time sink). I log in, start off my garrison missions, reset the buildings, maybe mine and herb if it is a character that needs them and then I switch characters and rinse and repeat.

And I am not on my own here!

I look at the guild list and its mainly garrisons. Yes I know there are dungeons, yes I know there is looking for raid and world bosses to find. However my best gear without normal raids comes from garrison missions and I do so hate missing out on free stuff.

Talking to guildies after we made an effort to pull ourselves out of the unsociable slump, it appears that we have all actually missed one another and being a team but it means one of us has to start the nudging.
Some said they missed the rep grind dailies that we would do as groups, or the world bosses that were often visible in chat or on shorter respawn times. We were trying to make an effort to do apexis crystal quests but its only really a few bits for a few specs that I am being told people might want, and even less since the last changes. Without the valour/rep addition to the dungeons then they are not really needed either so we are now just reliant on doing them for the sake of doing something together, otherwise we can continue in our individual virtual hermit states.
I should point out that we even attempted to do the new PVP together and these were people who hated PVP but the queue time was so long as a group even the most patient gave up.

So it appears it’s wallow or wake up ….

*raises the flag of change*

Waving the flag

Waving the flag

Let’s get out there and do something! …… Yes, anything! 😉

2 thoughts on “Virtual hermits

  1. Navimie

    You can do dungeon achieves and old raid achieves together too! At least dungeon achieves can get you a mount or guild gold… and there are challenge modes if people are feeling game!

  2. Gwendlyn Post author

    Ah yes, we have got a couple left it’s just to get the guild achievement we need 10 or 20 to qualify i think? .. We tend to get 12-14 and most have got the individual ones…but you are correct we can put those on the list.
    Also you might have a point about the challenge modes, we left them very late last time, although on the other side of the coin this only occupies 5 people at a time. Maybe we would need shifts 😉


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