When the server is down the goblins are at play.

There we were all set up for a full day playing WoW.

It had been a while if I’m honest. The constant churn of garrison chores (which I know I need to ignore on alts if I am to survive this expansion) were still proving to be an obstacle to actually playing for me. So it was set, a day where I would log on, finally get through the next legendary quest part, guild group or no! – And I don’t take pugging lightly.

All stocked up with drinks n snacks and then it appears…


I guess we have maybe got too comfortable with the servers always being up now. I remember way back when the servers used to go down so frequently that when it happened, our guildies would swap over to a backup server and we would just have a play about on making newbie characters. And though it was annoying, it didn’t seem as annoying as it does now. I guess it’s because now we just expect it, and any time spent playing on a random server now just feels like more time wasted rather than just being a different kind of fun.

Way back when it used to happen we just all accepted our free day’s playtime and were happy enough that we got to play but still had an extra day bonus. Of course it was different for the raiders but back then we didn’t play with the big boys because we didn’t have the time or the inclination to spend 2 nights farming runn tum tubers and each type of resistance gear sets.

So now we have a bit of a meh about not getting things done, and think about all the garrison stuff that you will miss out on if not able to log in…and my server was actually offline all day. So yer I imagine a fair few pissed off people, they might have been lucky enough to get the Easter holiday off and Good Friday & Easter Sunday might be booked with family but the Saturday that was prime playing time there being wasted.

So I decided to at least try and go back to my roots..

Loading up my old backup server that I knew I had not logged in for at least a year

This costume is so 2013!

This costume is so 2013!

Then I thought hmm do I really want to be a goggle eyed gnome and swiftly swapped to a goblin rogue I had started many years ago..in fact it was when the goblins first arrived. And though I always swing to the Alliance side, the goblin start area I found the most fun out of all the races.

I even remember telling all guildies they really had to experience the start quests because they are just so unlike anything else in game, starting off with a racing car that can run people down, its like Goblin GTA! …. Seriously if you still have not tried out the start area goblin quests, then go do them. I guarantee you will have a better time than doing anything in or around your garrison.

But after looging in I noticed that everything seemed different. The whole area was bathed in red and it took a while and a comment from Mr Hindsight to realise that it was the new lighting and skies making the appearance different.

How cools is that sky!

How cools is that sky!

I was also informed of the joyous news that I could now make a copy of my heirlooms rather than relying on the postal system…very handy since the server was still down. And then it struck me…I had a mount!! At level 10 I could get driven around in a chopper and suddenly the day got better. Now I know I have had it for a while but I have not been on a lower alt to use it and also I had not seen a live horde one either so new experiences all round.


And what a careful driver he was.. We even managed to get this wonderful shot of the beach in the sunset.


Then something even more wonderful happened .. I remembered I had a stealth button! (and no, I do not often play a rogue, maybe once a year for about 10 mins) but this is what I discovered..




This Goblin stealth had me amused for a while …yer yer small minds..I know. But not only did it amuse me as I was humming along to a tune that matched it’s stealth. It also meant that @draytonwow who was having to listen to me had been sent on a quest to find out which piece of music it was. And believe me, his classical music knowledge is even worse than my pvp skills (and that is saying something).

All I could tell him was that it was used in an advert at some point but I couldn’t even remember what…

Then he found it! and it’s pretty awesomely apt. I think I want an addon that plays this music in Gobin stealth mode

So I think I will leave you with that since I have waffled on a while 😉

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