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Happy Anniversary!

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So it has been a wonderful eight years (yes you are that old!) since Memento Vivere was born.

We might have started small, however we have grown so much and now MV is standing proud and resilient at a grand age of eight, and that is because of you!

We resisted the urge of recruitment at an early age and whilst we have had our few dry spells where raiding is concerned, we never lacked for compassion, commitment and most importantly weird conversation. We have seen a few changes over the years, people have come, and gone, and come again... but this is what makes us who we are today. It's great to see the old faces still standing tall (well except the gnomes) and newer ones that have injected some extra wackiness into the family; all of you guys are what makes this guild the best guild that I know.

As it stands today MV has the most wonderful people I could hope to be guilded with and you are the reason I log in, even throughout the dark days of Cata and the mundane days of the Garrison.

So thank you all, you are awesome!

May the Forth be with you!

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In Memoriam

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We didn't want to be in his gang

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All that glitters is now Garry!

Garrosh Hellscream, he was looking like a brick wall, taunting us with his smug grin and look of arrogance until someone forgot to inform the assembled mass of MV raiders taht we're not suppose to kill him. As usual, some idiot decided to kick the boss a bit too hard and Garry took it in the rear. Oh how we were annoyed. It was probably that nubber from Ravencrest thinking that the way to play is to do it properly. Tut!


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Siegecrafter Black defused

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Thok spoils MV

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Mal can Rock!

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One that Marfa complained was missed out...

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A thought

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The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.

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