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Beach party

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Tempted by the thought of sun bathing and a beach party the intrepid crew of the good ship MV set sail for the golden sands of Durotar. Seems no one passed on the memo about there being some bloody war going on!

Still, pushing Darkcutter forward and putting a leash on Gaidin set to work. Evie soon decided that towers weren't her thing but all was well when Julie announced that she had experience with large erections... no one batted an eyelid and just killed the dragon thing and moved on, whistling, nothing to see here O_o


Mcelhatton soon smelled booze he said and we rushed around the corner whooping and excited for the grog. Turned out he was smelling metal like a true pikey Irish man. Lack of booze drove Gwendlyn wild and threw her at the big metal monster until it screamed and wanted its mummy. Job done I guess.

Iron Juggernaut

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